• By me :)

  • By Michael Janis

  • Created by Mark Hufford

    By Mark Hufford

  • By Susan Die

  • By Kelly Barkley

  • By Janet Kininmonth

By me :)

By Michael Janis

By Mark Hufford

By Susan Die

By Kelly Barkley

By Janet Kininmonth

I handcraft transparent stand-offs (or Houdini Mounts) to make your glass appear to float on the wall. People love that they can create invisible levitation and glorious colored shadows! Houdini's are simple to use, elegant, and economical!

After seeing how I was mounting my glass panels, my glass friends started to ask me to make Houdini's for them too. Now at 50 years old, I'm trying to live my dream of being a full-time glass artist with the supplemental income from this small business.

Made with years of trial and testing, I've found the best raw material and create beautiful edges and holes. I put love and attention to detail in every Houdini I make and I guarantee that you'll find them beautifully made.

Your art can now be beautifully finished and look professional with little effort!

Here's HOW to use them in 5 easy steps...

1) Choose the amount of "float" you want. Options are:

*The Original Houdini -1.25 inches

*Little Brother Houdini- 0.75 inches

*Tiny Weenie Houdini -0.5 inches

2) Determine the length of the Houdini you need... Don't worry this is explained for each type of Houdini once you select the "float"...

3) Adhere the Houdini per my easy-to-follow directions.

4) Hang on nail or screw.

5) Smile and say Voila!