With adhesives, it's all about the materials you are trying to glue together!  Most adhesives don't play well with BOTH acrylic and glass. Especially, when you want the adhesive to be clear. Importantly, the bond between the acrylic and glass must be elastic to allow for different thermal expansions of the materials. If the bond is brittle, it will break! 

Over the years, I've tried and tested numerous adhesives and have found a few that have performed well.

  • "Industrial Strength High Viscosity E6000 Adhesive" (NOT regular "Industrial Strength E6000" craft adhesive)
  • Goop- Marine Contact Adhesive
  • Deacon home- Silicon Adhesive
  • Gorilla Contact Adhesive-Clear Grip

My all-time favorite is the "Industrial Strength High Viscosity E6000 Adhesive"!  Besides it's great performance, my favorite thing about this adhesive is it's self-leveling properties. It creates a smooth, clean bond and it's a joy to work with!

This is NOT your regular craft glue called "Industrial Strength E6000" that you find in craft stores. The "Industrial Strength High Viscosity E6000 Industrial Adhesive" is different and used in the automobile and construction industry. (Unfortunately, the manufacturer of these adhesives is rather unimaginative in naming their products and hence this last paragraph... ugh)