Variety Pack

NEW! This item includes a pack of the whole Houdini family with the three different float heights! The Great Original Houdini (1.25 inch float), his Lil' Brother (0.75 inch float) and the Tiny Weenie Baby Houdini (0.5 inch float). Each Houdini is 1.5-inch long in this pack.  

View the dedicated page for the specs of each float height but in a nutshell these are the weight bearing parameters:

1.5-inch Original Houdini = up to 2.25 lbs (2 lb 4 oz)

1.5-inch Lil' Brother = up to 1.1 lbs (1 lb 2 oz) 

1.5-inch Tiny Weenie = up to 0.75 lbs