The Original Houdini - 1.25 inch float

Each Original Houdini comes with two non-weight bearing Spacer Blocks that can be used ensure equal distance from the wall. Use of Spacer Blocks are not always necessary.  Houdini's also come with installation instructions and screws/ anchors. I tend to use nails but I recognize that some prefer screws.

One linear inch of Original Houdini will hold at least 1.5 pounds (lbs) because of my surface preparation. The surface preparation appears cloudy but goes transparent when installed. When using two Houdini's, install near upper corners. The following sizing recommendations are conservative. 

Sizing in two steps:

  • First, weigh your art

No scale? - Using a scale is better but you can guesstimate. A square foot of single layer of 3mm glass is approximately 1.7 pounds. Guesstimate by multiplying width and length (in inches) to get the area of the glass.  For a two layers of glass (6mm), multiple the area by 0.024. This gives the estimated weight of the glass in pounds. 

  • Second, choose the appropriate length Houdini 

Up to 1.5 lbs (1 lb 8 oz) = 1-inch Original Houdini

Up to 2.25 lbs (2 lb 4 oz)  = 1.5-inch Original Houdini

Up to 3 lbs = 2-inch Original Houdini (if horizontal dimension exceeds 10 inches = use two 1-inch Original Houdini's)

Up to 4.5 lbs (4 lbs 8 oz) = 3-inch Original Houdini (if horizontal dimension exceeds 10 inches = use two 1.5-inch Original Houdini's)

Up to 6 lbs = two 2-inch Original Houdini's 

Up to 9 lbs = two 3-inch Original Houdini's 

Greater than 9 lbs = contact me, I make custom sizes

Design limitations or just need help? contact me :)