Two 3-inch Tiny Weenie Houdini Sets
Two 3-inch Tiny Weenie Houdini Sets
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Two 3-inch Tiny Weenie Houdini Sets

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The Tiny Weenie Houdini levitates an art panel 0.5 inches off the wall. This item includes Two 3-inch long Tiny Weenie Houdini's and Four 1-inch Spacer Blocks. The Spacer Blocks are included to ensure equal spacing of the art panel from the wall; however, the use of the spacing blocks is not always necessary. Each package also includes optional wall anchors and screws for your convenience. Detailed installation instructions are included in the package.

How to use: 1) Rewash glass panel, Houdini and Spacer Blocks with soapy water, rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. Like all acrylics, do NOT wipe the Houdini with alcohol, acetone, or any other chemical as they can cause crazing. 2) Plan the location of the Houdini and Spacer Blocks. If installing two Houdini's, match measurement from the upper edge of panel to center of the hole on each Houdini. 3) Wipe back of art panel at mounting location with a lint-free alcohol wipe and let dry. 4) Put a small dollop of "Industrial Strength High Viscosity E6000" adhesive (NOT regular "Industrial Strength E6000" craft adhesive) on the cloudy side of the Houdini and spread evenly with a palette knife to cover cloudy surface evenly. 5) Lightly press the Houdini on to the back of the art panel to transfer some adhesive onto the art panel surface. Remove Houdini. 6) Wait 90 seconds for adhesive to start to cure. 7) Press Houdini back onto art panel at the mounting location, this time pressing firmly. 8) Repeat Step 3 to 7 for each Spacer Block. 9) Wait 3 days for a complete cure and hang on a upward angled nail or screw.


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