Who what when where why & (most importantly) HOW?

I handcraft transparent stand-offs (or Houdini's) to make your glass panels appear to float on the wall. They are simple to use, elegant, and economical!

You simply adhere the Houdini to your art panel and hang it on a nail or screw like a regular picture frame. Easy peezy invisible mounts and glorious colored shadows! No ugly things to interfere with the translucent beauty of your piece.

First you choose the amount of "levitation" you want for your panel 

  • The Original Houdini - 1.25 inches
  • Little Brother Houdini - 0.75 inches
  • Tiny Weenie Houdini - 0.5 inches

Then you size the length of the Houdini you need based on the weight (and to a certain degree the dimensions) of your panel. Don't worry this is explained further...

Every Houdini comes with two Spacer Blocks. Spacer Blocks are to ensure equal levitation on the wall. They are not always necessary but I include them with every Houdini.